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Undoubtedly, clean car says a lot about it‘s driver. Proper Car Wash is one of the most important reasons for car body durability. The car body, which has not been washed for a long time, adheres to various road deposits, bitumens (tars), salts and dust, resins, pollen, which have a negative effect on the car body and painted surfaces; a car that is not so maintained may, after a while, require the treatment of corroded surfaces, special body cleaning and polishing.
And for those who take care of our car, we would advise to wash the car at least once, twice a month (more often in winter), to choose a good, manual, car wash we have more than ten years of experience in the work), after washing be sure to choose simple or stronger body waxing, which will perfectly protect your car until the next wash from salt, acid rain, road deposits, corrosion, color fading. All these services available in AutoSPA – best car wash in Dublin.
We are a professional car wash company. We provide comprehensive car wash services – we are engaged in hand car wash, interior dry cleaning, glass cleaning and car polishing. Our services are of the highest quality, because we follow one of the most important principles of work – we do for you as we do for ourselves.
You can be sure that your car will be washed extremely clean and professionally, and after dry cleaning the cabin, car will look like new.


Why wash your car with us?

  • Favorable prices for high quality – this is appreciated by our customers who constantly come back to us.
  • Many years of experience – we have been working in the market for more than 5 years, so we have accumulated a large amount of experience.
  • Advice – we know cars very well, so we never spare useful tips on how to maintain a car and what tricks to take to make the car last longer. Our customers appreciate this.
  • High-quality chemicals – we work only with top-class professional car washes, so we guarantee that the result will be flawless.
    We perform dry cleaning of the car interior with great care and attention.

AutoSPA is a family business in Dublin, Ireland. We work quickly and sincerely, as if it were our own car. Customer evaluation and recommendations are the most important motivation for us.


Why hand car wash is effective?
Manual car wash is the most recommended. And not just because we wash cars by hand ourselves. We recommend it because it is safest to wash the car by hand. The car is not scratched, and even the most stubborn dirt is washed away from the car. The exterior of the car will also be washed and the cabin cleaned in one place. Of course, whether the car will be washed qualitatively also depends on the human factor. When visiting a car wash, the question may always arise: will the service provider pay sufficient attention to car washing and cleaning, or will the work not be done in a hurry and in a hasty way?
The team of the AutoSPA hand car wash in Dublin 1 always does its job flawlessly. We work according to the basic rule: thoroughness of work and impeccable cleanliness in the client’s car all 100%!
However, if you are in a hurry hand wash is not for you. Because manual washing takes longer than automatic. In this case, do we have to choose whether to save time or avoid the risk of damaging the car’s commercial appearance?
The services of the car wash include a list of services: car washing by hand, car waxing and drying, dry and wet cleaning of the car interior, leather car interior renovation, car body polishing, car long-term waxing, window tint removal, sticker removal and glue removal and many other services. These services are provided not only for cars or SUVs, but also for minibuses and motorcycles.

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